Sales Support

Job Responsibilities

1、Responsible for assisting Customer Manager to connect customers and return visits regularly;

2、Responsible for assisting Customer Manager to collect customer information, sort out customer information, and coordinate the preparation of plans and quotations;

3、Responsible for daily interaction and communication with customers;

4、Responsible for assisting Customer Manager to organize sales data.

Routing arrangement

In the first month, follow the Customer Manager to go out and run the business to see if the business capability is more suitable for pure running business or half running business (2/3 running business + 1/3 sitting in the work room for sales support).

Job requirements

1、College degree, experience in face sales is preferred;

2、Good understanding and learning ability;

3、Have a certain business etiquette foundation and business communication skills (good temperament is preferred);

4、Proficient in working software, such as Excel, PPT production

5、Have a certain ability to collect and organize information;

6、Cheerful, lively, affinity; emotional stability.

  • Bonus points: A certain foundation in English, international taxation or cross-border logistics industry is preferred

Company's products

Overseas call center solutions and extended warranty solutions for Chinese overseas brand enterprises.

Job advantages

In the blue ocean market, the competition is small, the demand is large, and the order is high.