Name of "Besender"

Be-Sender (Initiator), become the initiator of every high-quality service.

Our Story

Besender Inc. (the parent company of Besender) is eastablished in Los Angeles, USA in 2015. Since its establishment, it has focused on providing after-sales service platform-solutions for brands and manufacturers. Its service products include consumer electronics devices, smart home appliances, IoT products, etc. Besender has been committed to platform-based management and technoloy-driven in different service segment that are scattered and distributed, such as repair activity, customer service, warehousing, logistics and recycling, in order to improve after-sales efficiency and reduce cost, use data effectively, and assist brands to build a complete global after-sales system.

Global expansion

The service network includes 13 service centers. The
service area covers more than 45 countries around the
world (mainly: North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, etc.)

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