Overseas Sales Manager

Job Responsibilities

1、Participate in and be responsible for managing overseas after-sales services projects: maintenance, logistics, spare parts management, technical support, call center, return processing and other service businesses;

2、Customer relationship and analyze customer needs through communication with customers, improve customer satisfaction through efficient and accurate answers and professional services;

3、Establish overseas project service specifications and process standards suitable for customers, and effectively control the project progress and project output;

4、Communicate with overseas teams on projects to jointly complete project landing, operation and other management and control;

5、Develop and assess KPI for responsible overseas projects, and effectively ensure service quality through continuous improvement and lean measures;

6、Provide timely feedback to the problems found in the service, and improve the implementation together with the internal IT team and technical support team;

Job requirements

1、More than 3 years of after-sales services management experience, understand after-sales services management. Including, maintenance technical services, IT system use, commercial agreements, repair return process;

2、Excellent analytical skills, able to transform digital data into actionable information;

3、Excellent process thinking ability, master the ability of service type process induction, summary and optimization;

4、Rich in Client Server awareness, good at summarizing and analyzing, and good logic of thinking;

5、Independent, good at communication, have good communication skills, executive ability, have a certain ability to withstand pressure;

6、Good English writing and oral communication skills, the ability to host and lead English meetings, be familiar with English email format, and email communication skills, and be able to communicate with overseas colleagues without obstacles;

What can we offer?

1、Multi-skilled, Internationalization areas of responsibility, participate in the rapid development and growth of the company, and play a key role in influencing major decisions;

2、A company with global DNA quality and multiculturalism;

3、There are many leaders in the industry to provide one-to-one ability guidance;

4、Salary treatment is accompanied by personal-company growth: clear workplace planning and salary development planning, option incentives;

5、Working place: Shenzhen;

6、Have the opportunity to meet your international travel plan;

7、From the most innovative team in the industry, we sincerely welcome you to join us!